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Select 10 details for baby wipes

Detail 1: notice the composition of baby wipes.

Ingredients determine the quality of baby wipes. In order to achieve the moisturizing, moistening and sterilizing effect required by the product, the addition ingredients of the wet wipes of each brand are also different. Some low-quality brands of baby wipes can harm the baby.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to the added ingredients on the product label when choosing. If the labels are unclear or the ingredients are not suitable, don't buy them. In addition, you can also pay attention to some baby wipes and Internet users' comments to get information about babies.

The information of the wipes.

Detail 2: attention to tightness.

Buy baby wipes and see the packaging of the product. The packing of the bags should be sealed and not damaged. Packed and canned wipes should be complete and not damaged. Once the packaging is poor or damaged,

The bacteria will go deep into the wet wipes, the sterilization effect of the wet towel is high. In addition, after the use of the wet towel, the seal should be immediately attached to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, resulting in drying of the wet towel and affecting the use effect.

Detail 3: note the touch and smell.

Baby wipes of different brands make a big difference in touch and smell. Some of the wipes are dense, some are soft, some are fragrant, some are not. It is recommended that your mother choose a soft, thick baby wipes.

It is not easy to scratch or leave crumbs; Choose an unscented baby wipes, so this type of wipes has fewer ingredients and less stimulation for your baby.

Detail 4: thickness of baby wipes.

The thickness of the wet towel is one of the judgement criteria for wet wipes, often assume that a thick wipes feel is good, strong usability, and thin wet wipes in use process is easy to tear, affect the ability to clean. Test the thickness of wet wipes,

We judge by visual observation combined with hand feeling.

Detail 5: product quality.

The product quality not only refers to the net weight of a single piece of wet towel, but also includes the paper weight, water content and the weight of additives. The baby wipes can be weighed first, and then the wet wipes can be dried and weighed.

Wet towel moisture content data. Due to the different specifications of the wet towel, this data can only be used to indicate whether the content of wet towel is rich or not, and the measurement method is rough, and the data can only be used as a reference.

Detail 6: product wear resistance.

Baby wipes need to be wear-resistant to have a good cleaning effect and a lot less irritation to the baby's skin. The following test method can be used: wipe 70 down on a certain plane with a wet towel, and to the degree of hair on the surface of the wet towel.

If the surface of the wet towel is not obvious, it can be considered as good quality.

Detail 7: product moisturizing.

Wet type improper is to point to the moisture content of baby wet towel, good baby wipes can still leave a protective film on skin after wiping, protect baby if tender skin. Test method: first measure the skin under dry condition.

Humidity, wipe the back of the hand with a wet towel, and test the humidity of the back of the hand after 5 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. If the back of the hand is wet after 30 minutes, it is considered that the wet towel of the brand baby is better.

Detail 8: focus on product information.

Before buying, pay attention to the baby wipes product information. Including production date, manufacturer, factory address, telephone, warranty period, active ingredients, production batch number, hygiene license number, implementation of hygiene standard number, use instruction and.

Notes and other contents. These can also be understood from the side of the product quality and credibility. Do not purchase if the product is unknown or ambiguous.

Detail 9: pay attention to product specifications.

The product specification of baby wipes is the length and width of a single wet towel. For the consumer, the area of the wet towel is, of course, the bigger the better value, so pay attention to the information and enhance it.

Product cost performance.

Detail 10: attention to stimulation.

Mother should be careful not to wipe the baby's eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane with a wet towel. If you use baby wipes, you should stop using the baby's skin when it is inflamed, itchy, and other symptoms.

It is also necessary to evaluate the irritation of the baby's skin to the baby's wipes and then decide whether to choose another brand of baby wipes.