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Is the mask applied in the morning or is it applied at night?

In this age of looking at value, many girls pay more and more attention to the maintenance and care of the skin. Among them, the mask is the most popular among girls. The mask is also a quick tool for many girls to use as a skin emergency, whether it is due to dark skin. Or dry skin caused by weather changes, just apply a mask can be resolved, the mask seems to have become an "artifact" skin care!

The time period for applying facial mask is different, and the effect is not the same!

First, the mask is better at night

In the evening, the best time to apply the mask is best because the absorption and metabolism of the skin at night will become faster. If the skin can be supplemented with water or nutrients at this time, it can be absorbed and utilized to the maximum extent by the skin. Especially for women after the age of 25, choosing to apply a mask at night can also delay skin aging.

Two, need to wash the face before apply mask

It is necessary to clean the face before applying the mask, because only the oil and keratin on the surface of the skin can be cleaned thoroughly, so that the skin can completely absorb the nutrients of the moisture in the mask. If you have a make-up sister, then you need to first remove the makeup step, and cuticle thick skin, but also need to carry out exfoliating care, so as to truly clean the skin.

Third, need to moisturize before applying facial mask

The ability of the skin to absorb energy in the wet state is stronger, so be sure to keep the skin in a moist state before applying the mask. When you have finished cleaning your face, pour the toner on a cotton pad and gently apply it to the skin of the face. When you touch the cheek by hand and feel that the skin is very moist, you will be able to demonstrate that the moisturizing work has been done.

Fourth, apply mask to wash face

After applying the mask, it is necessary to use warm water to clean the remaining nutrients on the face, and apply a cold towel on the face for 2 minutes to allow the pores of the face to shrink quickly and apply a follow-up skin care product. This will ensure that the nutrients absorbed by the skin will not be easily lost, and the ability to repair will become better.