Suzhou SuperFiber New Material Technology Co., Ltd, invested by Changshu Feilong Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd, is a bio-new material technology company in the non-woven field.

SuperFiber Technology is located in the famous city of China---Changshu, with very convenient transportation to Suzhou and Shanghai. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has the standard production workshops and warehouses for over 10,000 square meters. There are over 100 employees and total assets over 13 million USD.

We currently have two spunlace production lines: 2.5-meter wide cross lapping and 3.5-meter wide high-speed random lapping. Both spunlace production lines are equipped with the world's advanced thickness detection, surface defect detection and metal detection system according to the highest standards in the industry and have good system compatibility. In the meantime, we set up the product quality testing center with complete testing instruments and product technology research and development center; equipped with more than 20 professional and experienced testing and R&D staff.

SuperFiber Technology cooperates with universities such as Suzhou University and Nantong University, scientific research institutions and international high-tech fiber enterprises; Based on Feilong's 30-years experience on the spunlace equipment, we develop and industrializes the Eco-Friendly, health, functional and variation non-woven new materials and end products. The output of the two spunlace equipments can reach nearly 10,000 tons per year. It has good sales both in local and international market.

Our products are dedicated to medical protection, health care and home living, and targeted at high-end consumers. Silk is one of the core materials of SuperFiber Technology. The 100% natural silk product we produced maintain the natural fibers and ecology. We do not use any chemical additives such as fluorescent whitening agents, textile softener. It retains the activity of amino acids. Using biological methods to make it have different functions of hydrophilic, lipophilic, moisture-permeable and water-locking. Breaking through the application limitations of traditional silk, and opening up a new field of silk, we are the only manufacturer in China that can produce 100% silk spunlace fabric!

SuperFiber Technology is a working station and researching base of Suzhou University' postgraduates. At present, we have a number of invention patents of new material development and production. "SF·LIVE" is a registered brand under SuperFiber Technology.

SuperFiber Technology will always adhere to the original intention of "The heart of Craftsman, achieve a better life!". Do not pay attention to the external color, and only focus on the quality of the inner experience. SuperFiber is a friendly messenger in the natural world. We provide comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly non-woven products. We are committed to improving the quality of life for millions of users!


  Focusing on spunlace nonwovens for over 30 years, SuperFiber is committed to providing comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly non-woven products to consumers around the world. We strive to improve the quality of customers' life around the world. At present, we specialized in the following spunlace non-woven fabrics: Whole Silk Series, Silk&Tencel Proportion Series, Toona ciliate(import from Japan) Series and etc. The composition, proportion, width and weight can be customized. It is a preferred substrate for making high-end facial mask, sanitary napkin and makeup remover.



    "SF·LIVE" is a registered brand of SuperFiber Technology, which is a major category in "SF" brand series. "SF·LIVE" is homophonic with "SF· good to skin" in Chinese. All products of SuperFiber Technology focus on the skin experience. We always comply to the concept of "being good for the skin" and "beautiful of the skin". You can experience the comfortable touch and beautiful look; in the mean time, it is environmentally friendly. Join "SF·LIVE", let's work hard together, grow together and achieve our dreams!

  • Corporate mission

    Use the heart of the craftsman.

    Provide safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly spunlace nonwoven for global users.

  • Enterprise vision

    We are committed to becoming the leader of new materials research and development in nonwoven field.

  • Core values

    Good faith based on Innovation, Go Further

    Environmental-friendly, healthyShare a win-winLoving, GratitudeKeep improving!

  • The spirit of enterprise

    cherish position and devote wholeheartedly to work;Unity and mutual assistance;Pragmatic and enterprising;The pursuit of excellence.

  • Business philosophy

    Products are corporate image.

    Quality is corporate reputation.

    Service is the soul of the enterprise.

    Customers are the future of the enterprise.

  • Slogan

    The heart of the craftsman, the success of life!